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Trading is Hard.  There are countless reasons why traders struggle - Maybe you are failing to adapt to a changing market, or you are trading low probability opportunities. It could be that you are over trading when it may be best to do nothing. Fear may be holding you back from putting on trades that will work, or you may fall victim to "Paralysis by Analysis." All of these are symptoms of the REAL problem: You lack a working strategy, one that can be applied consistently and in all market conditions to extract short term profit.

Our Mission at Major Investing is to provide our members with consistent opportunities to capture short term Swing Trading profits day in and day out....profits that add up to big gains over time. Our strategy is simple to understand, and disciplined in nature. Major Investing does the heavy lifting of screening for the best potential positions, pinpoints the correct moment to Buy, then follows the trade constantly to capture our profit.  We bang out consistent winners, while limiting risk to the downside.  We are not swinging for the fences here, or sticking to preconceived Sell Targets...Swing Trading is about hitting LOTS of Singles and Doubles, and Major Investing is built to do exactly that.

Major Investing finds the best setups in the market each day and pairs these set ups with a proven strategy to capture breakouts consistently.  Our results, especially when compounded over time, can add up to BIG returns. Leveraging sophisticated technical analysis tools, we find stocks ready to make a move, pinpoint the correct buy point and implement disciplined risk management for each trade.

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Entry & Exit Positions

We provide our entry and exit positions in real time. This allows individuals the opportunity to have real time information on positions and profit taking throughout the market even when minutes matter.

Market Information

We analyze the market and provide information throughout the day on fundamental information on company's performance, as well as, technical analysis for technical traders.

Stock Market Education

We provide an array of information and education of all things stock market and trading. Members will be able to understand technically analysis, notice trends, be confident in various investment scenarios etc. The goal is for each member to feel more confident in their knowledge of the stock market.

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Reviews and feedback

AB Dallas, TX

The educational tips were easy to follow and allowed me understand more about what I was investing in. I mostly enjoyed the frequent information of trade execution and what exactly what stocks to look out for, taking a lot of hard work off my plate. Would definitely recommend this service and am going to continue to use for its great knowledge. 

CP Frisco, TX

This service has paid for itself 7 times over. Major Investing is a great company to get involved with if you're a new investor looking for how to make money through trades. I have never fully understood how the stock market and how trading works, until I joined Major Investing. This service has given me daily updates on trades to look out for and why, whether that be to buy a share or sell my position. I recommend Major Investing for anyone trying to learn how the stock market works and make good money while doing so.

JH Allen, TX

Major Investing is insightful and easy to utilize. It is laid out in a manner in which beginners, all the way to advanced traders can understand and enjoy. I feel confident in the information I receive and look forward to learning from Major Investing on a daily basis. I highly recommend the service to anyone wanting to grow or gain insight on trading and anyone looking for a convenient way to boost returns.

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Risk Warning

If you join this service, you hereby agree to all of our terms and conditions. Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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